Friday, October 30, 2009

FL I-95's newest Flyover @ I-295/FL-9A

Yeah, yeah, I know I haven't updated this in just about a year, but I do have something to post about now.

Recently, I was in the Jacksonville, FL area and I'm going to show you guys some of the current underconstruction projects that I had time to visit (only there for 2 full days).  I'll be documenting this new flyover as well as the current state of reconstruction of the I-95/I-10 interchange and one other thing that I'll mention later.

Anyways, FDOT is constructing a new flyover ramp @ the Northern I-95/I-295/FL-9A interchnage for the SB I-95 to SB FL-9A movement.  Currently, it's a sharp 270 degree loop which slows down traffic big time.  Plus with the completion of making FL-9A (will become I-295 Beltway East sometime in 2010) a complete freeway on the Eastern side of Jacksonville, will become the preferd route to bypass Downtown being 9 miles shorter than I-295 Beltway West.

Here are some current picture of how the flyover is progressing.  All pictures were taken 10/21/09-10/22/09.  (If you want to use them for your site, please contact me first.)

(This picture is going SB on I-95.  In this view, the ramp looks to be completed, but that is deciving.  You'll see why in a bit.)

Here's an even better view with that big rig out of the way.

Here's the view of the new flyover once you have completed the current loop from SB I-95 to FL-9A South (Future I-295 Beltway East)

Here you can see that they still have several more segments to go before they have this new flyover completed.  As far as I can tell, this will be wide enough for 2-lanes, but odds are they are only going to strip it for 1-lane.

Here you can see work going on the FL-9A SB overpass of US-17.  With the future configuration of the I-95/I-295/FL-9A interchange, they needed to expamd this bridge to allow enough room for people to merge onto the main 2-lanes of FL-9A SB and not get forced off onto the US-17 exit (Exit #36).

Now, here are some views going NB on I-95:

Well, enjoy everybody!!

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