Saturday, November 14, 2009

I-10/I-95 Interchange Reconstruction - Jacksonville, FL (10/21/09)

Alright, here are some recent shots that I have taken down in Jacksonville of the reconstruction of that interchange.

First, I'm going to start off going SB on I-95 toward I-10.  I'm going to first start off by showing the 1 Mile advance signage for the future I-10/I-95 SB at the C/D split:

Here we are coming now coming up on Exits #353B-C just past the #353D SB onramp:

Now, here we are coming up on the location of the future I-95/I-10 C/D split.  Right now, all traffic is being detoured onto the C/D lanes while the main "express" lanes for I-95 are rebuilt just past the bridges in the background:

Here we are now on the C/D lanes coming up on the I-95/I-10 split on the C/D lanes just past the onramp from W Bay St.:

And here we are now right at the split on the C/D lanes:

Now, here we are on I-10 heading toward US-17's & FL-228's split off of I-10:

Here we are now at the left exit split for US-17:

Now, let's start the NB direction along US-17 coming toward I-10.  Here we are where US-17 used to split off and go into downtown on the local streets:

Now, here we are just about to intersect with I-10.  This signage you will see was put up when FDOT rerouted US-17 and FL-228 onto I-10:

Now, here we are on I-10.  Can you notice something wrong with this picture?

Here we are now coming up on all of the construction for the reconfiguration.  At this point, the traffic for NB I-95 has already been split off (because of the construction):

Here we are a little farther on with some of the new BGS's already up, but partially covered over.  Can you also notice something wrong in this picture?

Now, here's a broader look at what has been completed for this interchange:

Here's a close up of the BGS you see on the left in the above picture:

And here's another picture showing the progress on the new I-10 > I-95 NB C/D ramp (at least I think that's what it's for, I could be wrong here.):

Anyways, that's all of the pictures I have for this.  I hope you enjoyed this look at how this interchange is progressing.  I honestly can't wait for it to be completed because it was "a pain in the behind" in it's old configuration.

All pictures were taken on 10/21/09.

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